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about Kin Shin Kai martial arts system

Kin Shin Kai is a traditional 'Goju Ryu Karate' based martial art which also draws from a diverse range of traditional and modern sources.

We deliver these varied influences in one unified system rather than as a disparate hodge podge as often occurs. The system also adapts for differing age groups.

These influences include Goju Kensha Karate, Koryu Uchinadi, Bruneian Silat, Western self defense, Shorin Ryu, Tai Chi, other Goju Ryu karate, Ju Jitsu, Kung fu, Aikido, Boxing, Chin Na, Bojutsu, Iaido, Ba Gua.

Our core student development focus is on realistic self defense and continual self improvement.

Kin Shin Kai is headed by Kyoshi George Ciechanowicz who has over 30 years experience teaching martial arts.

He acknowledges his debt and gratitude to the late Hanshi Ohtsuka Tadahiko (the founder of the Goju Kensha) who remains his most important influence and inspiration.

At the same time he acknowledges the influence of Hanshi Patrick McCarthy on elucidating the origins and real purposes of 'old school' karate practises.

This outstanding learning lineage ensures that Kin Shin Kai makes great practical sense of traditional karate which is otherwise often taught in an unrealistic manner by many instructors

More recently the teachings of Bruneian Silat master Maul Mornie have also really helped make Kin Shin Kai self defense practise even more efficient, simple and effective.

So while being 'Traditional' in origin and basic technical framework, Kin Shin Kai is open to assimilating useful complementary methods from any source in order to best suit our times and culture.

This is exactly what the original masters did and would still be doing if they were alive today.

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